Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

Caring for a loved one suffering from dementia can depressing. Communicating with your loved one may become challenging. As the disease progresses, motor skills, memory, and language decline. Family and loved one need to be aware of these changes and prepare to deal with them as soon as possible.


Below are questions to consider in preparing for Alzheimer’s and dementia care:

  • Who will make healthcare and/or financial decisions when the person is no longer able to do so? While a difficult topic to bring up, if your loved one is still lucid enough, getting their wishes down on paper means they’ll be preserved and respected by all members of the family. Consider meeting with an elder law attorney to best understand your options. You’ll want to consider power of attorney, both for finances and for healthcare. If the person has already lost capacity, you may need to apply for guardianship/conservatorship.


  • How will care needs be met? Sometimes family members assume that a spouse or nearest family member can take on caregiving, but that is not always the case. Caregiving is a huge commitment that may be challenging over time. The person with Alzheimer’s will eventually need round-the-clock care. Family members may have their own health issues, jobs, and responsibilities. Communication is essential to make sure that the needs of the Alzheimer’s patient are met, and that the caregiver has the support to meet those needs.


  • Where will the person live? Is his or her own home appropriate, or is it difficult to access or make safe for later? If the person is currently living alone, for example, or far from any family or other support, it may be necessary to relocate or consider a facility with more support.


If you are struggling with caring for a loved one suffering with dementia, contact us via phone or simply complete our inquiry form online and one of our dedicated care team will contact you immediately.

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