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Providing compassion and care is not just our profession at Prestige Healthcare Resources. It is our passion, and it’s our culture.

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John S. Smith,CEO


John is the founder of Prestige Healthcare Resources and serves as the Chief Executive Officer. He sets the overall direction for the Company, defines the mission and vision, and directly oversees operations. Prior to Prestige, John practiced as a registered nurse and has acquired extensive experience in the health care industry. He received a B.S in Nursing from the University of Maryland. He has successfully managed the company for over ten (10) years starting from two (2) employees to over one hundred (100) employees.

Omolere Omomowo, CFO

Omolere serves as the Chief Financial Officer for Prestige. He is an exceptionally talented finance professional with cross-industry experience. He has a wealth of experience in the investment banking and consulting, portfolio risk management, valuation modeling, financial / credit analysis, corporate finance, and distressed assets restructuring. Omolere started his career in investment banking with Wells Fargo. He has also worked for Nextera Energy, Constellation Energy, Africa Finance Corporation and Navigant Consulting. He received a BBA in Finance and Information Systems from Howard University and a master’s degree in finance from Georgetown University

Dr. Sabrina Willis, Director Case Management MHRS

Dr. Willis comes with over 25 year of experience as a Licensed Independent Social Worker. She serves in the capacity of Director of Case management in our mental health division. She leads a collaborative case management effort by coordinating the care and services of patient populations. Provides clinical leadership for the care management team by serving as an educator, role model, patient advocate, and change agent to achieve optimal clinical, financial, and resource outcomes. Dr. Willis exceeds expectations in providing strong leadership to ensure cases are evenly distributed as well as each case receives the attention and detail that it requires.

Rhonda Baskerville, Director of Compliance & Quality Assurance


Ms. Baskerville is a certified investigator with over 15 years of experience in compliance and quality assurance. In addition, she has over 25 years’ experience as a Master Level Social worker specializing in Child Welfare and Community Mental Health. Rhonda ensures PHRI meet state and federal quality standards to avoid noncompliance issues. She demonstrates expertise in Program Development and Implementation as it relates to creating Internal Plans, risk assessment and understanding service provision with the overall goal of mitigating risk. Rhonda maintains an open door and policy to ensure employees feel comfortable with presenting discrepancies. She strives to not only meet compliance standards but also exceed them for peak operating efficiency.

Edward O’Neill, Associate Director of Sales and Marketing

As an executive leader, Ed comes with a proven track record of 20 years of success in small business, a Fortune 500 company, and the U.S. Navy, Ed is not afraid of “rolling up the sleeves” to achieve outstanding results.

Ed’s passion is mentoring and motivating teams to achieve “stretch” operational and business development goals to meet or beat financial expectations.

Wilhelm Bonnette, President of Prestige Community Resources


Mr. Bonnette is armed with over 25 years of operational and leadership experience. He possesses a MBA with an emphasis in Healthcare Systems Improvement and a Masters in Project Management. Mr. Bonnette leads our sister non-profit organization, Prestige Community Resources (PCR). PCR is dedicated to improving the lives and healthcare outcomes of the homeless and residents of underserved communities. Please visit for more information.

Tracy Staton, Homecare Administrator

Ms. Staton is a goal and results oriented home care administrator who possesses a strong work ethic. She is a seasoned healthcare professional and Gerontologist that manages PHRI homecare services. She facilitates the upmost care to the elderly and individuals with disabilities utilizing her exceptional leadership as well as creative and analytic problem-solving abilities.

Sheron Travers, Human Resources Director


Sheron Travers brings over 20 years of a background in HR Management, Education Management, Compliance, Employee Training and Development, which allows her to excel not only in her position but in being a pillar of guidance, for other department heads. In this role, Sheron is responsible for overseeing the function of Human Resources for Prestige including HR systems administration, training and development, records management, HR policy development and compliance, auditing, and contract management. It is Mrs. Travers  to foster an environment that values diversity, employee development, and professionalism, while maintaining a dedicated focus on organizational effectiveness and customer service.

Tanea McQueen, Residential Services Manager

Tanea is responsible for the development, implementation, and management of Prestige’s Housing Programs. A large portion of Ms. McQueen’s passion has been working with homeless and previously homeless individuals and families. She has a holistic perspective of successful service delivery. For more information, please visit

Robin Alston, Clinical Director MHRS

Robin G. Alston, serves as our Interim Clinical Director for MHRS. Robin has a passion for behavioral health, she is Certified Additions Counselor who served the most vulnerable populations in the District for over 24 years. At Prestige, Robin serves as the Interim Clinical Director under the MHRS division. Her main goal is to provide oversight over the MHRS department to ensure continuity of care, compliance, and treatment.

Lwenyi Nkonoko, Clinical Manager

Lwenyi serves as a clinical manager at Prestige Healthcare Resources she possesses years’ experience of providing counseling services in CORE service agencies. Her passion for mental and behavioral health drives her to lead the clinical team. Lwenyi is excited to bring her experience, passion and expertise to Prestige in serving the underserved in the District.


Watch Prestige Health Receive the 2020 Small Business of the Year Award

Prestige is a locally owned small business operating in wards 4 and 8 in Washington, DC. PHRI is celebrating over 10 years of delivering service to vulnerable residents in the district. We are one of the preferred certified mental health providers in the community. PHRI is a DC Chamber member with relationships with industry stakeholders to support and continue work and service in Washington, DC

Best of Home Care Employer of Choice Award 2020

Home Care Pulse Certified Trusted Provider 2018

Best of Home Care Provider of Choice Award 2020


“Both client and doctor are happy with the quality of nurses we sent to assist her with her insulin. Stated the nurses are always on time and stay extra to sit and talk with the client.”

HT, Washington DC

“Spoke with the client’s Doctor, she stated the weekend care went very well with aide Phylicia Moore. She was impressed with the knowledge and the experience the aide had, she stated she didn’t need to do any training on how to care for her dad. She stated aide did a great job with her dad and she would certainly continue to use Prestige services.”

EM, Washington DC

“Spoke with POA Jackie she informed me that the aides on the case are all exceptional, she stated all the ladies did a great job with both clients while they were sick. She said that it’s a good team I have on the case and the clients are happy. Good Job Ladies :)”

AW, Washington DC