Project Description

Mental Health

Offering steps toward stability for adults with chronic mental challenges and issues who are either homeless or having challenges coping and managing crises throughout the Washington DC area.

Our mission is to promote overall health & improve the quality of life of the community we serve. We offer things like:

  • Diagnostic Treatments

  • Medication Somatic Treatment

  • Counseling Psychotherapy

  • Comunity Support

  • Free Standing Mental Health Clinic


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Monday-Friday    9:00am – 5:00pm

(202) 796-5000


District of Columbia Office
1418 Good Hope Rd SE
Washington DC, 20020

Mental Health Rehabilitative Services

Our Concept of Recovery

The use of the word “Recovery” does not usually mean a cure. Rather, it means a kind of re­adaptation to the illness that allows life to go forward in a meaningful way. It is a deeply personal, unique process of changing one’s attitudes, values, feelings, goals, skills and roles. This concept supports a person’s ability to be able to live a satisfying life even with the limitations caused by the illness. Prestige care team base its recovery concept on Maslow hierarchy of needs.

  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a motivational theory in psychology comprising a five-tier model of human needs, often depicted as hierarchical levels within a pyramid.
  • Needs lower down in the hierarchy must be satisfied before individuals can attend to needs higher up.
  • From the bottom of the hierarchy upwards, the needs are: physiological, safety, love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization.

Services & Program

Prestiges’ goal is to assist you in your recovery journey by:

  • identifying what level you are on the hierarchy of needs
  • helping you to succeed on each level as you climb toward self-fulfillment

All our services and programs are tailor toward your recovery and stabilization.

  1. Assessment and Diagnosis
    This is an examination used to ascertain whether you are functioning on a healthy psychological, social, or developmental level.
  2. Medication Treatment
    This is a treatment with any substance (prescribed or over the counter) that is used to prevent, diagnose, treat or relieve symptoms of a disease or abnormal condition.
  3. Counseling & Psychotherapy or Talking Therapy
    This the use of psychological methods, particularly when based on regular personal interaction, to help you change behavior and overcome problems in desired ways. This service help you live happier, healthier, and more productive lives.
  4. Community support worker/Case Manager
    This is part of our care team who will assist you with coping skills and other skills-building activities tailored to your recovery.
  5. Telepsychiatry/Videoconferencing:
    It generally refers to the delivery of mental health assessment and care vis telecommunications technology, usually videoconferencing.
  6. Care coordination
    Our care coordinator will assist you in managing and coordinate your treatment plans, educate you about your condition and connect you with other providers.

  7. Housing assistance:
    While Prestige does not provide housing directly to its consumer, our housing specialist will assist you in completing housing applications. He/she will provide resources and information needed to be eligible.

  8. Group Psychotherapy:
    A variety of psycho-educational groups are available for you and your family. You may sign-up for anyone that meet your needs. Some of these include, but are not limited to:

    a) Coping skills

    b) Anger Management

    c) Anxiety management

    d) Trauma group

    e) Dance therapy

    f) Cognitive Behavior Group Therapy for Schizophrenia

  9. Beautician/Barber Services:
    These are specialty services available for a fee. Contact any of our care team to make an appointment.

  10. Food and Nutrition Services:
    Meals are served on clinic days and on certain day(s) of the week.

    Please reach out to our care team for additional information.


The Recovery Team consists of several members of the clinical staff, and they are responsible for your treatment. They are as follows:

You and Your Family:
You, the consumer and your immediate family are the center of your health care team.

Your medical doctor, who is responsible for medical decisions. These may include anything related to your medications, mental and physical health needs.

Your psychologist. when needed, is responsible for behavior management, psychological testing, and psychotherapy.

Nurse Practitioner:
Your Nurse Practitioner assesses and diagnose, provide psychotherapy and prescribe medication.

Care Coordinator:
Your Care Coordinator is responsible for coordinating services and supports as well as keeping other team members and hospital staff up to date on your progress.

Your therapist helps you deal with mental, emotional, and physical issues, create specific therapies and exercises for you, and develop plans for ongoing care to improve your lives.

Nurses provide support, monitoring, and observation of your physical and mental status. They also administer and evaluate the effects of your medication.

Community Support Worker/Case Manager:
Community Support Worker/Case Manager offer coping skills training/ development, substance abuse education, social and recreational activities, and other programs.

We want to encourage you, as a consumer at Prestige Healthcare Resources Inc., to speak openly with your care team. take part in your treatment choices, and promote your own safety by being well-informed and involved in your care.

We want you to think of yourself as a partner in your care, we want you to know your rights as well as your responsibilities. We invite you and your family to join us as active members of your care team


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Freestanding Mental Health Clinic

At our mental health clinic, we offer a wide variety of behavioral health services for adults (18 years and older) all in one convenient location with the goal of stabilizing and allowing you to be a valuable member of the community.


We address behavioral health issues and improve the quality of life for individuals in need, all within a safe and welcoming environment. Many of those we serve may be experiencing life challenges, relationship issues, behavioral issues with a child or teen, mental illness, and/or substance use disorders.


  • Psychiatric assessment and diagnosis
  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • Medication management
  • Prevention / Intervention / Group Counseling
  • Family psychoeducation
  • Play therapy
  • Drug and alcohol use support groups
  • Drug and alcohol education
  • Anger management

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Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) 

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) is an evidence-based intensive, and highly integrated approach for community mental health service delivery. ACT teams serve individuals with the most serious forms of mental illness, predominantly but not exclusively the schizophrenia spectrum disorders.


  • A team based, community-oriented program.
  • Support Consumers in their recovery journey.
  • Provide treatment for mental health and/or substance abuse diagnosis.


  • Keep people safe in the community.
  • Reduce hospitalizations.
  • Enhanced quality of life for the participants


  • Collaborative team approach
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Supported employment
  • Substance abuse & crisis intervention


  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Based on individual needs
  • No limits on the length of services
  • Services are provided anywhere

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Our culture of caring means Prestige Home & Community Support is committed to providing only the highest level of exceptional service.

MICHELE MBAClinical Nurse
Michele has served as a clinical nurse with Prestige Healthcare Resources for over 7 years. She has worked as a hospice nurse in both inpatient and home care settings, a clinic nurse providing patient education and medication administration/management, a med-surgical nurse in the hospital setting, and as a home care nurse.
TRACY STATONManager & Admin
Tracy serves as the Manager, Homecare Division and as the Administrator, Home Support Division of Prestige Home and Community Support. She has a degree in Gerontology and Aging Services and have worked in the healthcare field in many arenas for the past 28 yrs. She believes in being a support for others.
LA'NITA WINFIELDCase Management Coordinator
La’Nita serves as the Case Manager Coordinator for the Elderly and Persons with Physical Disabilities (EPD) Waiver Case Management program. She is a Master-Level Social Worker with 10+ years of management experience. She is serving out her life mission as a “Change Agent”.
Compassion. Dignity. Confidence.


“Both client and doctor are happy with the quality of nurses we sent to assist her with her insulin. Stated the nurses are always on time and stay extra to sit and talk with the client.”

HT, Washington DC

“Spoke with the client’s Doctor, she stated the weekend care went very well with aide Phylicia Moore. She was impressed with the knowledge and the experience the aide had, she stated she didn’t need to do any training on how to care for her dad. She stated aide did a great job with her dad and she would certainly continue to use Prestige services.”

EM, Washington DC

“Spoke with POA Jackie she informed me that the aides on the case are all exceptional, she stated all the ladies did a great job with both clients while they were sick. She said that it’s a good team I have on the case and the clients are happy. Good Job Ladies :)”

AW, Washington DC